Rough Beast is interested in contemporary writing, experimental text, and printed objects.

for more information or to send a comment, please write the editors,
Joey Horan & William Stewart,

All submissions for web or print are welcome.


some history of the project

Rough Beast began in the late summer of 2012. Because the editors have yet to see each other in person since that time, to say nothing of living in the same city as one another, the vast majority of the project has from the beginning relied on email and video chats.

We started with stated interests in literary inventiveness, cultural barometers, personal archives, and dilettantism; stated distastes for irony, polemics, complacency, and dogmatism. Those lines haven’t remained completely fixed in the time since, but they give a pretty good idea of where our efforts have been aimed.

Above all, the work produced by Rough Beast represents the collective efforts of extremely patient and willing people, people with things to say, people with a heavy tolerance for and a belief in the value of criticism, people devoted to the kind of deep-rooted and moving community that ideas and writings create – in other words, friends.

The first issue of Rough Beast was released as a pdf at the beginning of 2013, but since that time, we’ve directed our focus, first, at realizing the magazine in a printed form and, second, at putting the content up for viewing in a digital space all its own.


issue 2: bullshit • 2014

issue 2: bullshit exists both online and as a hand-made print zine

the zine, produced with a risograph and hand sewn, represents an investment in the poetry of printed matter

IMG_6071IMG_6076IMG_6078 IMG_6085 IMG_6088 IMG_6100IMG_6099

we printed the issue in Berlin with Moritz Grünke at the risograph studio we make it


The covers were silk screened by Julien Villaret at Goofy Press

The zines can be purchased at a number of shops and from us directly. Please send us an email if you’d like a copy

The zines would never have come together without the help of many people. Sincere thanks go to Anna Kostreva, Natalia Sookias, Lynne Suemitsuu, and Natalie Koerner for their help with folding, punching, and binding. Vina Rostoyman gave a lot of helpful tips on the design and layout.




Three Pathways to Get Anywhere (Except When There Is a Dead End) • 2015

Three Pathways to Get Anywhere (Except When There Is a Dead End) is a work of creative nonfiction by architect and author Anna Kostreva that reflects her six weeks of travel through China, Japan, and Singapore in March and April 2015. The work, a constellation of essays, stories, fragments, poems, and photographs, was edited in collaboration with Joey Horan. It is available as a book, designed by Studio YUKIKO in Berlin.

You can purchase a copy by following this link.


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